Sink the Putt or Get Cut in PGA TOUR 2K21’s New Divot Derby

by MaddOx
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2K and HB Studios today announced Divot Derby, a new multiplayer game mode for PGA TOUR 2K21. Up to 20 players* compete in a slick, shoot-out style competition with single-elimination knockouts. Time is of the essence and the pressure is on, as players fight to the finish on every hole.

The concept is deceptively simple: the entire group tees off simultaneously, sending multicolored ball flight trails streaking through the air. From there, the chaos dials up as participants race to land on the green and sink the putt, all in beautiful 60FPS**. The first golfer to make it to the ninth and final hole wins! Players who get knocked out early can watch the rest of the competition in Spectator Mode.

Divot Derby is available now*** via a free update for owners of PGA TOUR 2K21.****

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PGA 2K21 Divot Derby Trailer

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