Eleven Table Tennis, Thrill of the Fight, and Synth Riders Come Together for the Perfect Bundle to Make You Move.

by Chris Camilleri
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The developers of Eleven Table Tennis, Thrill of the Fight, and Synth Riders come together for the “Perfect Hit VR Bundle” – three very different gameplay experiences with one goal in common: get that perfect hit! The bundle, offering a -20% discount on all three games, is now available on Steam. 
  • The “Perfect Hit VR Bundle” experience starts with Eleven Table Tennis, which serves up realistic physics and thrilling fast-paced matches against an AI opponent or other players in multiplayer. 
  • Players will keep aiming for those full combo perfect hits in Synth Riders, the dance-action rhythm game with weekly curated challenges, 10 player multiplayer, and an amazing 45+ songs soundtrack. 
  • Then comes a knockout by Thrill of the Fight, the boxing game which delivers an authentic fight experience against a roster of AI fighters who will test your fitness, coordination, and strategy in the ring.

The bundle is a perfect match of games that are among some of the highest-rated physically active VR titles on Steam, with a combined average of 94% positive reviews. All of them mix exciting gameplay with intense movement, allowing the players to smash, soar, and spar their way to Perfect Hits, improving their health and fitness along the way.

Watch the official trailer below:

“We’re proud to join forces with the developers of some of the most exceptional VR games to date. Our games are a natural match as they all offer active gameplay, but also unique experiences for the player. We’re happy to bring our communities closer together by helping our fans to explore exciting VR titles.”

Arturo Perez, CEO at Synth Riders, Kluge Interactive

“Perfect Hit VR Bundle” is now available on Steam offering a -20% discount on the three-game package. The bundle is flexible, which means that the players who own one or two of the games included, can still complete their collection saving -20% on the missing titles.

Check it out on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/bundle/16522/

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