Paratopic, the award-winning horror game from Arbitrary Metric is coming

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Paratopic, an award-winning indie horror game experience where PlayStation-style graphics and experimental cinema blend together finally arrives on console. Smugglers, lost highways, assassination and long-forgotten forests await you in your pocket. A leisurely playthrough should take around forty-five minutes, with plenty to discover in the detailed, grimey low-polygon environments.

Paratopic is a short first-person horror game which draws ideas from Thirty Flights Of Loving but takes them somewhere terrible, leading them down an alley and through an unmarked door into a world which looks a bit like ours but just isn’t right.

Paratopic gameplay with woman in a dark corridor

Paratopic brilliantly plays on horror imagery and freaky sound design to put you inside of a nightmare place.

Paratopic artwork inside a car

Paratopic‘s city is a sooty husk, a ruin whose scarce inhabitants eke out day-to-day existence by taking dangerous smuggling jobs, murdering for money, or reconfiguring their flesh in agonized cathode-ray rapture.


Just ideal for the pocket.

Developed by Arbitrary Metric, and ported by Baltoro Games (Urban Flow, Moto Rush GT), Paratopic will bring the horror to you this month.

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