Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles heading to Switch Nov 5th

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Following the recent release of Outbreak: Epidemic on Switch, Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles – the third game in the Outbreak series – will arrive on Nintendo’s portable console next Thursday, November 5.

Check out the launch trailer below:

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles pays homage to the classic Resident Evil trilogy while adding a smidge of Silent Hill to the mix. The result is a unique single-player experience featuring bone-crushing difficulty, limited saves via consumable floppy disks, and panic-inducing encounters NOT for the faint of heart.

Featuring fixed camera angles – a staple of the survivor horror genre since Alone in the Dark – Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is the most atmospheric title in the Outbreak series – taking players from a well-lit, stately manor (creepy in its own right!) to a nightmarish environment far below ground.

The Switch version of Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles carries over improvements and bug fixes made to the original Steam release, including: 

  • Massive rebalancing – making “Normal” difficulty slightly more manageable with buffed supplies, improved damage, and more; “Hard” and beyond are untouched and remain incredibly difficult.
  • Superior enemy attack detection – giving the player more opportunities to dodge.
  • Significant performance and memory improvements.
  • Dramatic reduction in load times.
  • Numerous fixes including geometry tweaking, enemy placement, and more.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles key features (Switch)

  • Fixed camera angles harken back to the early days of survival horror games.
  • Dedicated Story Mode follows Lydia as she becomes separated from her group.
  • Limited inventory space, beautiful environments, and horrifying monsters!
  • Fight through countless rooms in an action-packed Battle Mode – inspired by Resident Evil: Code Veronica.
  • Search rooms, read logs, find keys, and solve puzzles to survive.
  • Engage threats directly or run away to safety.
  • Save games using (in-game) floppy disks!
  • Choose from several firearms and melee weapons.
  • Multiple difficulty settings – Easy, Normal, Biohazard, and a “one-hit-kill” Nightmare setting for the truly insane.
  • No Internet connection required.
  • Supports Switch Pro Controller, Joy-Cons in tabletop mode, and HD Rumble.
Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles gameplay screenshot

Pricing & Availability

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is available for pre-order now and will be released on the Nintendo Switch a week from today, Thursday, November 5, for $11.04 (15% off). On November 12, the game will return to its original MSRP of $12.99.

Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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