Oscar Rooney Wins Terrorarium Level Design Competition

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Imperial College London alumnus Oscar Rooney was selected by the esteemed judging panel as the winner of the first-ever Terrorarium Level Design Contest. The grand prize includes $2,000 cash, a letter of reference from Stitch Media, a Nintendo Switch, his original level included in the launch version of Terrorarium with full credit in the game.

The finalists (in alphabetical order) — David D’Orazio, Lewis Moholt, Derek Paton, Annabel Taylor, Reynold Tsui — each will receive a Nintendo Switch, their levels included in Terrorarium at launch, and their names listed in the credits. 

Watch a clip of Oscar Rooney’s level, Separation Anxiety

You can also watch a supercut video of the finalists’ levels below:

The team at Stitch Media, along with judges from studios including CAPY, AreaNet, and Twitch, selected these winners based on their impressive use of the Terrorarium level creator platform and overall creativity of content.

We highly encourage folks from the industry to take a look at Oscar Rooney and the other finalists’ portfolios, listed on the website: murder.garden/contest. These talented, emerging level designers are a glimpse at the future of the craft.

Currently in Early Access on Steam, Terrorarium is a game of wanton destruction and adorable gore in player-made murder gardens. Play as a space granny, also known as The Gardener, obsessed with winning the blue ribbon from the Intergalactic Horrorcultural Society. Look for more information at murder.garden.

Terrorarium is slated to launch on Steam in July, 2020.

Oscar Rooney Wins Terrorarium Level Design Competition with this screenshot being shown

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