Opera launches world’s first mobile browser for gamers, Opera GX

by MaddOx
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Now, Opera is taking it to the next level, announcing during this year’s E3 the mobile version of Opera GX – and I have all the essential information below!

The popular Opera GX browser has been streamlined for mobile gamers, and there’s no better time to launch a gamer-centric product than during E3!

The desktop version offered gamers a customizable browsing experience in order to keep their rigs game-ready, allowing gamers to minimize resource use! It also added built-in Twitch and Discord integration as well as CPU and RAM limiters for users to play with; Opera GX is fast becoming an essential weapon in any gamers arsenal.

Opera GX Mobile, world’s first mobile browser for gamers

With the mobile Opera GX, players can enjoy a range of features such as:

  • FAB (Fast Action Button) one-handed navigation with haptic feedback
  • Built-in privacy protection and security features to combat crypto miners
  • Switch between dark mode and light mode for use anywhere, anytime
  • GX Corner keeps a feed of the latest news on the homepage without the need for loads of tabs or switching to multiple social media apps to get up to date info
  • Flow allows the user to keep synced between their desktop and mobile as well as sharing files and messages between browsers with ease

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