Online RTS Iron Conflict heading to Steam in Q3

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Iron Conflict, an upcoming online real-time competitive strategy game built using Unreal Engine 4 and developed by Angela Game, will be making its worldwide debut in Q3 2020. 

Featuring stunning graphics, 10v10 online battles and rich real-time strategy gameplay, the game will allow players to take command and experience warfare from a whole new perspective.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

In the game, players start by choosing three combat units to control from a mix of infantry, tanks, and planes. Different combat units have specific strengths and weaknesses – and they can be further customized through the use of tech treesskills, and modules. As you’d expect from an online game, communication between teammates is key during battles. The actions of a single teammate can be the difference between glorious victory or abject defeat!

Made with Unreal 4, Iron Conflict features highly-detailed, historically accurate models, photo-realistic visuals, and awesome special effects that make players feel like they truly are in command of a powerful military force.


As we developed Iron Conflict, we were inspired by some of our favorite strategy games – including Sudden Strike 4War Thunder, and World of Tanks.

Kaven Xu (Project Manager, Angela Game)

In addition to everyone on our team being heavily into games, most of us are also military history fiends. We have an appreciation for WWII-era tanks and planes (as well as modern-day jets like the F-35) – and we now get to make the strategy game of our dreams!

Sean Ho (Co-Founder, Angela Game)

Iron Conflict boasts fan favourites, such as the Type 99 tank and the aforementioned F-35 – along with hundreds of other WWII aeroplanes and tanks. Map tiles, on the other hand, are randomized – making each battle different from the last. Terrain and buildings can obstruct both lines of sight and lines of fire – creating the opportunity for traps, escape, and exciting games of cat-and-mouse.

The official Iron Conflict Beta will be announced in the near future. Stay tuned!

Iron Conflict Tanks Artwork

Iron Conflict Key Features

  • High-impact RTS combat featuring 3v3, 5v5, and 10v10 competitive matches.
  • Endlessly replayable with randomized maps.
  • Scout units help you find the enemy before they find you!
  • Hundreds of real-life aeroplanes and tanks – including bombers, fighters, anti-tank vehicles, anti-air batteries, and more!
  • Tons of customization with extensive modules and tech trees.
  • Three main unit types: scouts (infantry), tanks, and aeroplanes.
  • Pitched battles as players take their formations into combat: 10v10 skirmishes with 60 units in play at any given time!


The game will be released on Steam in Q3 2020. Pricing is yet to be determined.

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