No Man’s Sky in 2022

by Ben Kirby

I’ve written plenty in the past about No Man’s Sky. But I never seem to be able to draw a line under it, because those dev demons at Hello Games just don’t stop making it better, realising massive game-changing updates. More impressive still, is that they keep doing it for free.

Sure, I’ve bought the game on a couple of platforms, and now play it through Gamepass, but No Man’s Sky is worth the initial price of admission, especially now they’ve added more and more value to it.

Endless space adventure, continually improved-upon at no extra cost? What’s not to love? No Man’s Sky is in the best position it’s ever been in since its initial 2016 release.

It seems to me like 2022 is going to be the best year for it yet!

No Man's Sky Night Drone


Straight out of the gates this year. In typical No Man’s Sky fashion, we see a cryptic tweet, usually an emoji or two. Then a big update is released shortly thereafter. The Sentinel update was no different.

Introducing much-needed refinement around weapon usage and combat/shooting. Active camouflage technology and AI for your mech (still need to build one!) are incredible additions to join the Sentinel pillars.

Sentinels are the bane of a No Man’s Sky players’ life. You find a lush, paradise planet. Unexplored, mountains and oceans as far as the eye can see. Then come the sentinels. The monitoring robot drones hover around and if they’re enraged, they attack on-sight and en masse.

Hostile sentinels are no joke, and now the addition of sentinel pillars in No Man’s Sky are rewarding, but challenging areas on a planet. Heavily defended by those aggressive little bastards.

I always thought No Man’s Sky looked pretty great (it’s also the only game I’d ever be bothered about trying in VR), but with added NVIDIA and AMD tools, you can push No Man’s Sky to the max!

Yet another fantastic, feature-filled update from Hello Games.

But wait, theres more

Updates are cool…..but what if you could play No Man’s Sky on the go?!

Steam Deck support came as a part of the Sentinel update, and that’s going to be cool to see how good it looks on that mini powerhouse of a portable PC!

More importantly, though. In the latest Nintendo Direct, they announced No Man’s Sky for the Nintendo Switch! I can’t even begin to fathom how it’ll work. Apparently not using the “cloud game” model that some other big games use, this is going to be a fully-fledged No Man’s Sky experience.

I’ve no doubt that it will take a hit graphically, but with the universe of the game being so vast, and requiring an internet connection, I feel like it’s actually quite a viable way to play. That of course means that I’ll be buying it again, but to me, No Man’s Sky is a calm, casual game that would suit me much better just in bed or on the sofa watching TV.

There’s no release date yet, and a lot of speculation. But I’ll be doing all I can to keep up-to-speed with the latest news on it, and I’ll try all I can to report back HERE

Time to try it?

If you haven’t ever played No Man’s Sky, or were perhaps put off after the PS4 launch in 2016. I promise you that now is the time to give it a go.

Even if you don’t care for mining and crafting stuff. Just flying between planets, discovering new galaxies and planets that you can name and claim as your own, amongst billions of procedurally generated worlds, is enough to have a blast.

Can you find the ninjarefinery galaxy? How about we find a new one and create the Fullsync galaxy? Name all the planets after the guys that run this place!

I promise you, there’s never been a better time to jump into the best space exploration game there is.

Get it on game pass and give it a go!

See you star side.

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