UK’s Top Slot Games of 2022

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In recent years, as online casinos have almost doubled in growth, online slots have significantly grown in popularity. Thanks to the latest and continually developing technological innovations, online slots have become more enhanced and interactive than ever before. Not only has the online slots experience improved, but online casino games have also become significantly more accessible in recent years, meaning more people than ever across the globe can now try their hand at leading online slots.

The growth of online slots has also introduced a significant amount of benefits to players that they could not find in a brick-and-mortar casino. Below, we’ll explore why online slots have become so popular and also take a look at some of the best online slot games of 2022. 

Saturation of the online slots market

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of online casinos appearing across the globe. These online casinos are largely able to offer their services on an international basis, meaning the competition for global customers has never been so competitive. 

In order to attract and retain customers while staying one step ahead of the competition, online casinos have needed to come up with new and innovative ways to entice players to choose their services over other providers. Such methods for doing this include offering competitive sign-up bonuses for new players, in addition to free spins, in-game bonus features and much more.

These offers incentivise players to try out the casino without having to part with their hard-earned cash, to begin with. If the player decides to stick with that casino, then they will no doubt continue to receive numerous incentives and bonus features. Some casinos even offer VIP memberships for frequent players and loyal customers. 

The added benefits of online slots

Playing slot games online introduces a range of bonuses that cannot be found when playing in a traditional brick and mortar casino. Such benefits include:

Ease of accessibility

Thanks to the world wide web and the decreasing cost of technology, more people than ever are able to access online casinos. All you need is a smart device like a smartphone or a tablet and a Wi-Fi connection to be able to access a huge variety of online slot games, whether you’re on the morning commute to work, from the comfort of your sofa at 2 am in the morning, or even from a remote beach in the Caribbean.

Esqueleto Explosivo 2 slot games on mobile

What’s more, players who traditionally cannot access casino games in their country of residence due to strict gambling laws may be able to access online casino games from offshore providers. Countries like Canada have strict gaming laws which prevent residents from playing online games at Canadian based casinos, however, grey areas in the law mean that many residents are able to enjoy a wealth of slot games from offshore providers, without the fear of persecution. 

New technologies

As technology continues to innovate, the gambling industry has made the most of such offerings, incorporating the likes of VR technology, Augmented Reality, live dealer poker, enhanced sound and graphics and much more into online casinos games which significantly improves the user’s experience.

In the world of online slots, technologies like Random Number Generators have helped to ensure gameplay is kept completely randomised and fair, even though it is not controlled by a manmade mechanism but rather a smart and automated algorithm process. 

Themed slot games

The introduction of online slots has meant that casino providers have been able to get much more creative with their offerings. As such, there are now a variety of themed online games available that capitalise on popular tv shows and movie franchises. Some of the most popular themed slot games include Pirates of the Caribbean, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and the classic SitCom Friends, to name a few.

What’s more, we’ve even seen a trend around retro games, in which many online slots games now feature a retro theme that takes players back to the simplicity of ’80s and 90’s video games. Such games bring back nostalgia in players which creates an emotional connection with the game, keeping players coming back to play again and again.

The top online slots of 2020

Let’s now take a look at some of the most popular games of 2022

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of the UK’s most popular games, featuring a variety of brightly coloured safari theme animals. The highest jackpot recorded for the game is £16,198,066.

Mega Moolah Slot Game

Jackpot Giant

While Jackpot giant is a relatively unknown game when compared to the likes of Mega Moolah, it’s one of the best-kept secrets in the online slot world. Jackpot Giant features an exciting volcano theme and the biggest jackpot won so far has been £9,171,616. 

Big Bad Wolf Megaways

Big Bad Wolf is the perfect low stakes game for beginners and experienced players alike to try. The game offers a range of great bonuses, as well as memorable characters and an impressive graphics display.

Overall, there is an impressive amount of slot games on offer currently, giving players a huge variety of choices when it comes to quality online slot games. Whether you’re a first-time player or have experienced a number of online casinos, there are games out there to suit every taste.

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