A New Hero is landing in Heaven’s Fury

by MaddOx
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It’s scary how fast time flies and League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury has been out for three months now. In this time, we’ve seen loads of events and gameplay, and it doesn’t stop there, with new items including new wings, a new outfit and a new mount being released this month.

Not only that, but a new famous Hero will be landing in Heaven’s Fury this month. Many players know her, she goes by the name Alecta.

In addition, the game has added a new multiplayer mode – Sundered Sky, for players to gain better equipment and rare cultivation items. There are also new systems, through which players can increase their BR, such as Divine Work, Stars System and Forge-Equipment Awakening system.

If players want to unlock all of these systems, they will have to reach a high level. To help players do so, we have prepared a gift code! This will help players not only get stronger but also level up more quickly!

If you would like a code, please contact charlotte@heavenmedia.com, who will gladly accommodate.


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