New Drift21 Early Access Update Improves The Driving Model And Diversifies Tyre Types

by Chris Camilleri
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Global publisher 505 Games and developer ECC Games S.A. today reveal the next update for their drift racing simulation game DRIFT21.

As part of the ongoing development roadmap, the team at ECC Games have taken the game back to the garage for some solid “work under the hood” to fix some known bugs as well as further changes in the game physics model. All available cars were analyzed, and on this basis, multiple parameters were improved – among others, the vehicles’ gravitational centers.


Together with the DRIFT21 community, the team has also put a lot of work into improving and diversifying the types of tyres available, making it easier to match the best tyre to the power of the car and your preferred set up. The latest update makes a noticeable difference between the hardest and the softer compounds.

The developers also tuned DRIFT21’s score system. By tuning, it means almost totally redesigning it. With these changes, the UI has been redesigned too. One of the UI’s new features is an inclinometer which makes it easier to control the drifting angle of the car.

Currently available on Steam Early Access, DRIFT21 immerses you in the exciting sport of drift racing where you can choose and tune your dream drifting machine and test your skills on Japan’s legendary EBISU circuits. A line up of fully licensed cars are available for you to upgrade and tune down to the smallest engine parts to gain every advantage when on the track.


  • Inclinometer added to show drifting angles and limitations of each car
  • New camera added allowing for a greater lean from the focus point
  • Redesigned driving UI to correctly show and highlight changes to the drifting point counting system, car speed, drifting angle and other events
  • Numerous game setting additions including Gamma, Anti Aliasing, display method etc
  • Changed how ‘Kiss The Wall’ and ‘Wall Tap’ events work – these should now be more transparent and forgiving
  • Many ‘under the hood’ improvements and fixes

There will also be various fixes and updates to the game that have been reported by the community to enhance the player’s driving experience. As part of the ongoing Early Access development roadmap, ECC Games S.A is working with the community to gather feedback on all aspects of the gameplay and content to ensure that DRIFT21 continues to lead the way in the drift racing simulation genre.

DRIFT21 is available to purchase on the Steam Early Access program now for $24.99/£22.49/€24.99.

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