NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Closed Beta arrives on November 3

by Chris Camilleri
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Release your inner ninja and claim victory in this new battle royale from 24 Entertainment

24 Entertainment, leading Chinese developer is proud to announce that NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is entering its closed beta phase. Starting November 3, the beta will run for approximately one week (November 9th). Fans, players and press are welcome to apply for a beta key on the NARAKA: BLADEPOINT website or Discord.

Love battle royale? OK. We get it, but we also want to help you forget everything that can go wrong with the battle royale genre. Slow gameplay? Camping? Building? NARAKA attaches all that to a grappling hook and hurls it at your nearest opponent and re-invents the genre.

In NARAKA you control one of many different characters with different skill-sets. Equipped with a deadly — but also quite useful — grappling hook you’re able to tackle all kinds of terrain with ease. You can zip with masterful agility across treelines, traverse mountains in seconds and generally show-off and shortcut your way through the incredible scenery on Moros Island; but don’t forget to take a look around once in a while.

NARAKA places great emphasis on skill-based, cut and thrust, close-quarters combat. There are no snipers to shoot you before you’ve had a chance to react. To win, you will need to parry, block and baffle your opponents into submission with razor-sharp reflexes.


While there are ranged weapons in the game, it’s not easy to hit a player with a bow and arrow while they zoom across the map, so think carefully before releasing that trigger and revealing your location — or your enemies will leave the shadows to find you.

Find out more about NARAKA:BLADEPOINT in the links down below.

NARAKA Closed Beta Trailer
NARAKA Announcement Trailer
NARAKA Free movement Trailer
Steam Page

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