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Seasoned online multiplayer pros, and beginners alike, mixed it up on Morus Island and the player reactions in this video say way more than we ever could. It was battle royale but, clearly — not as they knew it!

Equipped with greatswords, katanas, bows and arrows — and a healthy dose of fear — thousands of players made their way to the vast Morus Island for a first look at NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

In the video below, experience the reactions of players as some big multi-kills are registered, brutally, in a battle royale, redefined. Highlights include spectacular use of the bow and arrow, one player transforming into a huge Vajra warrior and dispatching several opponents who got too close; and the ever-satisfying refrain of swords clashing as players engage in the parry and thrust of close-quarters combat.

Servers opened from November 3 until November 9 and players were given the choice of a solo or team adventure. 24 Entertainment also coordinated a series of mini-tournaments via the game’s Discord channel; where victorious players were granted special titles and even some mysterious real-life rewards.NARAKA: BLADEPOINT’S Morus Island is off-limits again right now but you can keep up-to-date via social media channels for new tests or reveals:


About 24 Entertainment
24 Entertainment is a Chinese game studio founded by a group of artists, engineers and designers; who are all gaming industry veterans. We have a shared vision of introducing global players to Eastern cultures through cutting-edge gaming technology.

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