Merge Games Reveal Two New Games and Drop New Info on Two More

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First premiered on the Future Games Show, get ready to grow, collect and mutate your crops and take them into battle! Brimming with multiple avenues to explore, players can craft and build their own farm or dream home as Monster Harvest blends RPG mechanics, exploration and action across the vibrant world of Planimal Point.

Providing a fusion of addictive farming gameplay, with RPG elements and battle mechanics included, Monster Harvest brings a fresh dimension to RPG action. From mutating your crops into several different variants and taking them into battle, to collecting a wealth of Planimal companions to help you fight enemies and explore the world with, Monster Harvest brings an array of different elements across its bright and colourful world.

Explore across three unique seasons which can affect the way you play, with bizarre weather and seasons shifting what crops you can grow – watch out for the strange mutations during the dark season which can dominate the land!


Comprising of a striking art style based on the works of famous painter, Francisco de Goya, Merge Games are excited to unveil their hardcore real-time tactics and stealth game The Stone of Madness. First premiered on IGN’s Gamescom Studio, get ready to play as multiple characters from an isometric perspective as you devise a treacherous escape plan from a place shrouded in mystery.


Merge Games is thrilled to unveil new details about their open-world survival title, Smalland. Since Merge took over development of the highly anticipated title in 2019, they are ecstatic to reveal some new information on what to expect from the massive adventure with a brand-new video that recently debuted on the Future Games Show at Gamescom!

Diving into combat, crafting, building, and customisation, Merge reveals brand new gameplay and details of the epic landscapes you will be able to explore. Featuring dynamic, ever-changing environments where creatures react to each other as well as the world around them, Smalland sees players emerge into a giant overgrown world where they’re shrunk down to the size of a pebble.


Publisher Merge Games, alongside indie development team Still Running, give a fresh look into their ‘Horrorpunk’ action RPG Morbid: The Seven Acolytes with a multitude of Gamescom details and video content! With showcases across both the Future Games Show and IGN’s Gamescom Studio, players eagerly anticipating the brutal isometric action-RPG receive a deep dive into some of the features ahead of this year’s release.

With new insights delivered by Composer, Sound Designer and Writer Simo Talasranta – Still Running weigh in on some of what players can expect when they immerse themselves in the world of Mornia later this year, and we’re also revealing a new teaser highlighting what makes Morbid the most gruesome take on the isometric souls-like genre yet.

Watch the Future Games Show video HERE and see below for Morbid’s appearance at IGN’s Gamescom Studio!

For even more gaming news, click right HERE.

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