Lydia Set to Make Return in League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury

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February saw servers in Asia and America fire up League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury for the first time. The latest instalment in the League of Angels series is truly underway; a global release has its wings and is nearly ready to fly!

For fans, that journey will begin with a descent into the kingdom of a legendary Angel. Lydia,  a hugely popular hero in the League of Angels series, will grace the first throes of Heaven’s Fury and the fight to break the darkness. Her unique skills will be integral — alongside other legendary angels — to reclaiming the heavens. Be sure to follow League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury on Facebook and YouTube to get all the latest, including the Backstory of Lydia.

While a whole new game in itself, League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury possesses many of the cherished new features and functions recently added in huge LoA III in-game update, including: Demon City, Shield System, Cross-Server Arena, Skill Upgrade, Talent System and a whole bunch more! So players can make the switch across seamless, inheriting those and finding a new and improved, graphically superior, League of Angels game too.

Later this month, League of Angels: Heaven’s Fury is set to add tons of exciting new items and gameplay. One update to look out for is the new alliance PvP mode, Battle for Royal City. In this mode, players will be able to fight with other alliances, as alliance members. If a player is skilful (and lucky) enough to win, they’ll be rewarded with some awesome goodies such as the Equipment chest and the Divine Chest. There’s also talk of surprise rewards when joining the Royal City… there’s only one way to find out.

It’s not just the gameplay and graphics that’s likely to wow fans though, previews of delightful new outfits are out there — with incredible new Wings and Mounts set to be released soon! 

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