Lumberhill: announcement trailer & contest (win full game)

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Try Lumberhill demo for the first time during Steam Game Festival – Summer Edition and win the full game!

Iron your flannel, sharpen your axe and gather your squad! The secret lumberjacks society is out to save the world in this hilariously chaotic co-op and they’re about to accept some new members! Don’t miss the time limited chance to join them during the upcoming Steam Game Festival – Summer Edition! Those who do will get the chance to win the full copy of the game!

Another Road Publishing, are happy to announce their upcoming title –Lumberhill a hectic co-op game about a bunch of lumberjacks trying to get their job done in time, while literally everything gets in their way! Get to know the squad in the brand new trailer and be among the very first ones to jump right into action in an exclusive demo during the upcoming Steam Game Festival – Summer Edition (June 9 – 14, 2020). At the same time they will be launching a screenshot contest on their social media with some full game keys & exclusive characters to be won (more info here)!

Lumberhill Announcement Trailer:

Lumberhill is a hilarious co-op game for up to 4 players. As a bunch of lumberjacks you travel the world and time, getting your lumberjob done in timed levels with varying mechanics, settings and unexpected paths waiting to be discovered! But be warned – the world will fight back! Cooperation is the key to succeeding while there’s meteor rains, wildfires and pirates going crazy around you! You will need to come up with the right tactic and rely on your friends to make sure you complete your tasks on time… Unless you want to become a force of nature yourself in the crazy PVP mode, where you can mess with your friends as a T-REX or an a**hole monkey! The game is coming to Steam exclusively in Fall 2020.

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