A little gadget from Sandberg with a lot to offer

by Chris Camilleri
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A smart little controller from Sandberg makes it possible to connect a headset using the small, round jack familiar from many Android mobiles for example, to the USB port of a PC. A very high number of computers are made with either no minijack socket or with two of them.

The controller has a small control box for adjusting volume, or for muting the microphone or speakers.

Martin Hollerup, CEO of Sandberg A/S, says: “This may not be world news, but I’m convinced that there are a lot of people out there who will find our new controller just the thing they need. It can stay in your computer permanently, meaning you can use the same headset for your mobile phone and computer.”

For more details on the product and where to buy it, go to www.sandberg.world.

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