Limerick: Cadence Mansion’s first gameplay trailer released

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Indie developer, Jenito Studios, has released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming fantasy thriller adventure game, Limerick: Cadence Mansion. The game is set to be released on PC via Steam in 2023 and promises to be a thrilling and haunting experience for players.

The game takes place in an abandoned mansion inhabited by various monsters, both beastly and human, and players must solve puzzles and explore the mansion to uncover its secrets and escape. In addition to solving puzzles, players will also need to fend off or hide from the evil creatures and participate in intense, cinematic boss fights.

Limerick Cadence Mansion game artwork

The developer, Daniel Hall, says everything in the game has been handcrafted with great care and attention to detail. Using Unreal Engine 5, every monster and environment is an original creation, and even the musical tracks were composed by Hall himself. The assets used in the game were carefully chosen to match the style, feel, and flow of the world.

In Limerick: Cadence Mansion, players will face various challenges as they attempt to unlock the mysteries of the mansion’s games and riddles. They will learn about the Anachronism, the Dissonance and Cacophony, the Dark Refrain, and the Prism. But when they face the darkness, will they be ready?

Limerick Cadence Mansion environment artwork

Jenito Studios was founded in 2009 as a sole proprietorship for the publication of video games produced by its founder and sole developer, Daniel Hall. Situated in beautiful Northwest Arkansas, the company became an LLC in early 2022. Over the last 13 years, Jenito Studios has published multiple titles and has continued to develop games with the support of Hall’s friends and family.

Limerick: Cadence Mansion promises to be a thrilling and haunting experience for players. With its handcrafted elements and carefully curated assets, the game is sure to leave a lasting impression on those brave enough to enter Cadence Mansion.

Limerick: Cadence Mansion gameplay trailer

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