Does Your Legion Merit a Monster-hunting Expedition to Undiscovered Lands?

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Be the Bestial! Does Your Legion Merit a Monster-hunting Expedition to Undiscovered Lands?

Given the unavoidable disruption caused by the Coronavirus in China, GTarcade has had a few slow weeks — but they are back at their desks now and are thrilled to announce some very cool new features for monster-hunting mobile hit, Rangers of Oblivion

To enter, players must first take part in a daily quest where they can collect Merit points and exchange these for  rewards. They can then take part in ‘Bestial Campaign Legion Conquest’ — a multiplayer speed-hunt event, within which only players from Legions may participate. Once Legions have amassed a certain amount of Merit during this event, brand new Expedition Assault maps containing undiscovered areas of Malheim, are unlocked. 

There are five different maps, each replete with different behemoths to hunt. Legion members completing all five expeditions will be ranked by fastest time and rewards will be sent out when the event finishes next month. 

If all this travel and hunting doesn’t appeal, the development team have been busy with new ideas for Divination — Pharaoh costumes! While it might seem a bit phar-fetched, those of you who aren’t especially fussy about historical context can dress like an Egyptian king (until the end of March). You may wish to run like an Egyptian though — rather than walk like one — particularly if a Behemoth is on your gold-leaved tails! 

For the Malheim purists among you, there’s the Kingdom of Heaven costume. Malheim’s diverse wilderness is firmly planted on terra firma but Kingdom of Heaven (powered by Malheim’s Archangel) sees all that change. Now anyone wearing it is entrusted with divine powers and the ability to discover and explore floating kingdoms in the sky!

Rid Malheim of the monsters plaguing this once-peaceful land — hunt or be hunted!

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