Legends of In Death Uncahined Contest Announced

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The Superbright team have announced The First “In Death: Unchained” Archery Contest for the Oculus Quest version of In Death Unchained. As a thanks to all the players who already bought the game, they’re giving them a chance to be added into the game for eternity plus a few extra surprises.

Here’s what they wrote:

The top 10 players with the highest scores during the contest will have their names etched into a stone plate in the game’s Sanctuary and will become immortalized, to be admired forever by all those who join the fight to restore Harmony after them.

The contest begins Tuesday, July 28th at 10am PST and lasts until Tuesday, 11:59 pm PST on August 4th.

Only scores achieved during the contest count. We will be updating the scores on our social media every day at 10am PST, so subscribe to stay up to date.

The contest is bow-only sousing the crossbow won’t count. Show off your bow & arrow mastery!

There will also be exciting additional prizes and surprises on Superbrights social media during the contest, but you can already get a head start by playing today – higher scores are easier with higher progress unlocked.

About In Death: Unchained:

In Death: Unchained brings the rogue-lite experience to the Oculus Quest. Grab your longbow and rain down arrows against the forsaken souls, angelic creatures and demons that have taken over the godless afterlife as you battle through the procedurally generated levels of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell.

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