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As we live in a digital era, the exposure to blue light via computers, laptops, mobile phones or any other gadgets has increased. For many of us, our screen time is increasing day by day, as we switch to using digital devices for everyday activities. We like to spend our free time gaming or scrolling through social media – but this extra screen time can have a negative effect on our eyes. Look great whilst protecting your eyes in a pair of stylish blue light glasses or gaming glasses. 

Online shopping for blue light glasses and gaming glasses

If you’re a hardcore gamer, an avid social media scroller or you spend each day working from a digital screen – blue light glasses and gaming glasses are the best option for protecting your eyes. Suitable for those with or without the need for prescription correction, there are hundreds of options available online for women, men and teenagers. If you’re looking for high-quality blue light glasses or gaming glasses, SmartBuyGlasses UK have a wide selection of designer and exclusive brands available, from Tom Ford to Ray-Ban, to affordable solutions like SmartBuy Collection and Arise Collective.

Whether you require a prescription or not, SmartBuyGlasses offer the option to upgrade your lenses to include the latest blue light blocking technology: zFORT®. The aim of zFORT® coating helps to reduce glare when you are working, gaming, watching or looking at the screen of your computer for an extended period of time.

It helps to block blue light wavelengths by creating a ‘fort-like’ protection for the eye, limiting the penetration of those short wavelengths. This reduction in glare leads to a reduction in eye strain, helping to maintain our eye health. Reduced exposure to blue light rays can also help to improve your sleep pattern, leading to an improvement in your energy levels and alertness throughout the day!

Take a look at our top blue light glasses and gaming glasses styles below:

Tom Ford FT5661-B: Designed for men, these blue light glasses ooze style and class. One of the most favourable eyeglasses in the Tom Ford collection, the square-rimmed plastic frame ensures durability and lightness, making them comfortable to wear during screen time. The lens material is customisable as per the needs and requirements of the buyer. They come with a 24-month warranty on lenses along with 100% guaranteed accuracy.

Tom Ford FT5661-B blue light glasses

SmartBuy Collection Kensington: Perfect for those who spend an extended time in front of a screen, these blue light glasses from SmartBuy Collection are a unisex option for those looking to make a style statement. The unique oval frame is made of plastic, ensuring the frame is durable and lightweight; whilst the lens is customisable to any prescription. Vision correction and eye protection is no longer an ugly essential item with fun tortoiseshell print frames like these.

Gaming Glasses Blue Tyion 8012: If you spend your time in the gaming world, these classic gaming glasses are a fantastic option for you. Similar to computer glasses, or blue light glasses, these gaming glasses are designed to filter out the blue light from screens by neutralising the rays with a yellow tint. Whether you’re fighting in the war zone or defending the galaxy from an alien invasion, the best gaming glasses help to protect your eyes whilst you make your next move.

Gaming Glasses Blue Tyion 8012 C2 front facing

Gunnar Intercept INT-00101: Gunnar Intercept eyeglasses will look great for your next battle whilst keeping your eyes protected. Crafted from plastic, they’re sleek and lightweight, whilst the curved nose rests provide even weight distribution and eliminate pressure points, making them comfortable for hours of game playing. The light yellow lens tint filters out harsh artificial light and improve the contrast, helping to improve your gaming performance! Stay focused and on top of your vision with a pair of these and level up in your next video game tournament.

Optimise your performance in front of the monitor whilst keeping your eyes healthy and shop for blue light glasses and gaming glasses from SmartBuyGlasses UK.

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