Kits we’d like to see come to Nintendo Labo

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The success of the Labo has been somewhat mixed since its arrival. It has sold well in many areas across the globe, but it didn’t boost the sale of Switch units as much as Nintendo would’ve hoped. Following our review of the Variety Kit and also the third party cardboard guitar, we thought we’d throw a few suggestions into the mix to say what we’d like to see coming to the Labo. And who knows, these new introductions may encourage more people to ‘Switch’ their gaming allegiances and join in the Labo revolution.

Labo Football

You may have seen the Labo Robot Kit, in which you place the cardboard template you build over your feet, your hands, your back and your head, then set off into a city that you can smash up. Well, what if the same kit could be adapted for a football game? You could dribble, kick and run with the feet, catch the ball as a goalkeeper or take throw-ins down the line using your hands, and of course, connect your head with the ball to bury it in the net as you jump for a corner. There are so many possibilities, I mean, if it really took off it could even inspire a virtual football league.

Ok, so maybe I’m getting a little carried away, but it definitely is a game that is worth exploring in my book. I mean who doesn’t want to live in Mo Salah’s boots right now?

Mo Salah from behind in his red Liverpool kit

The Egyptian King

Labo Rally

So we’ve seen the motorbike game that comes as part of the variety kit, and it’s pretty awesome. from the actual racing to being able to design your own tracks and sharing them with the world. But what if we took it up a level and created a rally car game? Imagine it now, sitting behind your cardboard steering wheel as you navigate desert valleys and mountain passes. It may be a little adventurous in terms of what Nintendo can create with cardboard, but it sure would be an excellent addition to the Labo kits.

Rally car on a dirt track

Eat my dust!

Labo Zombie Survival

Ok, so I love zombies so I had to get something zombie related in here. What if you made a cardboard shotgun that you’d pump using a springloaded system much like the buttons on the Piano from the variety kit? You’d then defend yourself from hordes of the undead, upgrading weapons as you went along. Or, instead of sitting back and defending, you treat it as a Time Crisis kind of game where you go on the front foot looking for places to survive, scavaging for food and tracking down the very same zombie that killed your family and got away before you had a chance to kill it. Either way, the Labo needs a game like this, RIGHT NOW!

Zombie eating human flesh

Someone took the Atkins diet a little too seriously

And that pretty much wraps up my ideas anyway, although I’m sure I’ll think of more in the coming weeks as I continue to discover neat new tricks the more I play with my own kits. If you’ve any of your own, please don’t hesitate to share them in the comments below.

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