The ROCKFISH Games team is riding high after a successful launch of the EVERSPACE 2 closed alpha. Incredible reveals of closed alpha gameplay and planetary location combat were followed by the release of the prototype demo on Steam and amazing charity stream by Cohh Carnage. All of these combined resulted in over 90,000 downloads of the Steam demo and an increase to more than 155,000 wishlists for the title coming to Early Access this December.

The July Kickstarter update shares details on the game’s second star system, Union, new features planned for Early Access, and an early look at perks connected to a new companion character. 

Early art of a trading station nestled in space clouds.

Trading plays a bigger role in the game’s second star system, Union, allowing opportunities for the transport of legal commodities and smuggling less lawful substances. The local authorities, the Okkar, will enforce their laws at gunpoint so players will have to choose between fleeting to another star system or fighting their way through increasingly difficult waves of enemies as their wanted level rises. 

The team also introduces Dr. Delia Wendo, the third companion players will meet during their journey. This companion grants access to perks affecting Nano Bots, Energy Orbs, and an unannounced feature. 

In addition to early details about Union, the July Kickstarter update touches on gameplay changes, visual improvements, and community requested features. Find out more in the July EVERSPACE 2 Kickstarter update.

EVERSPACE 2 is planned to reach Closed Beta in Fall 2020 with Early Access on Steam is currently scheduled for December 2020. The full version is scheduled for release in Q1 2022. A demo version of EVERSPACE 2 featuring early content from the game is available as a free download on Steam.

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