Whimsical existential platformer Journey of the Broken Circle launches September 18th on Steam and Switch

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Lovable Hat Cults whimsical puzzle platformer Journey of the Broken Circle launches on September 18th on Steam for €8 / $9.99 / £7.20 and on Nintendo Switch for €8 / $8 / £7.20 via the eShop. As an added bonus, for 3 days after launch, owners of any games published by nakana.io can claim the Switch version of Journey of the Broken Circle for free! Embark on the story of an existential circle seeking fulfilment in a seemingly cold, uncaring universe.

Journey of the Broken Circle is a narrative-driven puzzle platformer about an incomplete circle yearning to become whole. As it rolls through a wondrous and hazardous land, it encounters a series of other shapes with unique personalities and skills that it uses to fill the hole left in its body. Each shape offers a unique mechanic, helping our pie-shaped person surmount obstacles and find inner peace.

As with all relationships, each character Broken Circle intermingles with offers its unique properties. Some will allow it to float into the heavens, others will cause it to cling onto surfaces, and some will cause it to tumble along with an extra spring in its step. Not all relationships were made to last, however, so don’t get too attached!

We wanted to make a game that reflected the experience of being human. So we made a game about a limbless circle. But a very human circle! We all feel insecure at times, and our relationships with others simultaneously lift us, but can also make us feel incomplete on our own. That’s never been more true than it is right now, so if our game can help people through this trying time, we know it will have been worth it.

Writer, Andrea Brasch.

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