Infernal Radiation. Hardcore action game to be released soon

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Infernal Radiation will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch in the second quarter of this year, while the free demo is now available on Steam. It’s a hardcore arcade game starring an exorcist battling infernal possessions and demons. As the developers indicate, Infernal Radiation distinguishes itself from other titles via its high difficulty, dynamic gameplay and battles with demonic bosses.

Infernal Radiation (formerly known as Priest/Faither) is being developed by Asmodev, a Polish studio currently also working on Priest Simulator. The PC version will be published by Art Games Studio S.A. and Ultimate Games S.A. A free demo of Infernal Radiation is already available on Steam.

As the creators indicate, Infernal Radiation is a unique game set in a world combining gothic and dark fantasy elements, filled with horror and black humour. The game also distinguishes itself by its exceptional audio and visual aesthetics.

In the game, the player will step into the shoes of an exorcist who finds himself on Halloween Island after the explosion of a power plant that produced energy from hellfire. As a result of this unfortunate incident, infernal radiation has contaminated many people and led to numerous possessions around the island.

The key feature is the battles against demonic bosses, which are divided into phases and very dynamic. Infernal Radiation employs the easy to play, hard to master formula. The gameplay rules are not much more complicated than those known from classic arcade games, but we strived to turn them into the most epic experience.

Our biggest inspiration was Deep Dungeons of Doom, but we were also influenced by rhythm games. You’ll need to learn the enemy’s behaviours and proper timing. To help you achieve this, we have implemented a character development system known from RPG games

Creator of the new game, hiding behind the nickname WDW

The final version of Infernal Radiation will offer, among others, battles against 20 demons with unique abilities and battle patterns, as well as extensive player progression possibilities. The game will allow you to explore the island and discover its history, as well as use the services of people saved from demonic forces. The game will also feature a local cooperation mode.

Infernal Radiation Main Features

  • Exorcisms, possession and demons;
  • Easy to play, hard to master;
  • 20 demonic bosses;
  • Stylised audio and visuals;
  • 9 special abilities;
  • Local cooperation mode;
  • Set in the Asmodev universe.

Infernal Radiation will be released on PC in Q2 2020, before appearing on Nintendo Switch. The publisher does not exclude the possibility that the game will later hit other consoles.

Infernal Radiation gameplay showing a priest battling a demon

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