Indie RTS and colony-sim First Feudal seeks a mighty ruler

by MaddOx
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First Feudal’s players start their dynasty in a small village. By carefully managing their resources, money and scientific research, these new nobles can grow their lands from humble huts into a mighty walled-city – able to fend off everything from hungry bears to invading bandits.

The game’s classic old-school look and feel is designed to give all players an interesting experience that blends construction management simulation and RTS gameplay. 

First Feudal gameplay Fighting in Battle

First Feudal Features:

  • Build a tiny village into a bustling fortress by manage trading, housing and food supplies across all four changing seasons
  • Random map generation and in-game events ensure every playthrough is unique
  • Lead your citizens into battle to repel enemy raiders or take shelter behind your mighty castle walls complete with strategically placed traps
  • Research and advance through tech trees to open up new gameplay possibilities
  • 10 available professions for players to assign their citizens to, which can be levelled up and improved
  • Ironman Mode provides the ultimate test of skill with saves that delete themselves upon death
  • Co-operative multiplayer for up to 6 players

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