INDIE Live Expo 2021, Featuring 300+ Games, Airs 5th June

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INDIE Live Expo 2021, the digital showcase connecting indie game fans worldwide with more than 18 million total views to date, will show off more than 300 upcoming indie games from across the world on Saturday, June 5, 2:00 AM PDT on YouTubeTwitchTwitter, and Bilibili in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

INDIE Live Expo 2021 will feature news and introductions for more than 300 games from established independent studios and publishers such as 505 Games, INTI CREATES, and PLAYISM, alongside up-and-coming talent from around the world. Many highly regarded upcoming titles chosen by the Indie Live Expo Board will feature as part of “INDIE Live Premiere,” including both reveals and new information for games coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S as well as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

“INDIE Picks” features will showcase selections of intriguing currently-available titles hand-picked by members of the international gaming media. Throughout the show, “INDIE Waves” will feature 15-second bites of games both current and upcoming from developers worldwide. A special segment will dive into a Czech Republic indie studio, the third such in INDIE Live Expo history, focusing on how culture affects game development worldwide.

INDIE Live Expo 2021 Trailer

INDIE Live Expo 2021 will feature presentations from some of the great sponsors of the event, including one from Xbox highlighting spectacular indie games on Xbox Game Pass. WHY SO SERIOUS? (Touhou Luna Nights, Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth) will reveal a new project during their segment. Additional sponsors include Cygames, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Arc System Works, Koch Media, Phoenixx, top Japanese multimedia companies Kodansha and Shueisha, and many more.

The English language stream features new host Kaori ‘Kaotan’ Horiuchi, a beloved Japanese idol known for her solo career, work with AKIHABARA Backstage Pass, and her gaming Twitch channel. She joins returning co-hosts American-born Japanese comedian Atsugiri Jason and bilingual content creator and presenter J-mon. Musical performances during the show include two of Japan’s most popular video game music cover artists: Dainashi and Shamio.

Our third INDIE Live Expo will be our biggest yet. We want to formally thank everyone who submitted their incredible indie games and all of our partners for making it possible to highlight so many. I can’t believe we were able to fit in even more games than INDIE Live Expo II!

Ryuta Konuma, Founder, Ryu’s Office

INDIE Live Expo 2021’s five-hour broadcast begins Saturday, June 5, 2:00 AM PDT in English via YouTube and Twitch.

For more information, please visit theINDIE Live Expo website, follow @INDIELiveExpoEN on Twitter, and search for #INDIELiveExpo on social media.

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