In da Hoop! available now on the Oculus Store App Lab

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Realcast has revealed its upcoming VR basketball game In da Hoop! Is now available on the Oculus Store App Lab for the Oculus Quest, with a Steam and PS VR release to follow later this year. Using hand tracking technology, In da Hoop! is the first basketball game that lets you shoot hoops with your bare hands!

Brought to you by the creators of Just Dance, In da Hoop! uses the Oculus Quest 2’s unique hand-tracking technology to mimic the movements of each of your fingers so precisely that it can simulate the act of shooting hoops without the need to hold a controller!

In da Hoop gameplay

In da Hoop! lets you compete with your friends to rack up the highest score. Unlike real basketball, In da Hoop! lets you tweak a variety of variables for extra wacky spins on the popular sport. You can play a variety of hoop distances, positions, and movements. From Small Arcade Coin-up to Free throw Backboard. There is a Training mode with a 3-star achievement system including Tutorial levels.

All levels have Combo rewards and unlocks to compete in Quick Play mode. Later on, special challenges will be added as Earthquake Basketball challenge, Treehouse Basketball shot, Bigball Basketball Shot, Upside-Down Basketball Shot, 2 Player Team Challenge, Ghost Mode, Basketball Bowling and 3 Strips Basketball Shot.

In da Hoop! features online leaderboards allowing you to compete with the global community. A post-launch update will add online multiplayer, allowing you to play directly with others from all over the world.

In da Hoop! launch Trailer

Here at Realcast, we strive to recreate physical experiences in VR. We’re also big fans of basketball, which was a perfect fit for hand-tracking technology. You’re looking at your hands when you shoot hoops anyway, so combining this action with hand-tracking was a slam dunk!

Realcast Creative Director, Diego Fernandez-Bravo

In da Hoop! Is now available on Oculus Store App Lab for Oculus Quest for £10.99 / €14.99 / $14.99.

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