How to improve your gaming experience on a MacBook

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Despite not being the most popular choice for playing video games, Macbooks are still a decent option, especially nowadays. The most recent Mac models’ hardware is pretty good, and some Macbooks can run high-end games.

On the other hand, it can be difficult to enjoy gaming to the fullest if you do not prepare properly. The article will give you some ideas on how to get the most out of your Macbook while playing video games. If you are interested, read more of this article and follow the ideas below.

Idea #1 – Clear System Junk

An overabundance of system junk is a hindrance for two reasons. The first is that this temporary data messes with the amount of available storage on the drive. It is recommended to have at least 10% of free storage, but when the system creates temporary files, it is difficult to know how much you need to remove.

The second reason is that the sheer volume of temporary junk data messes with the system because files need to be processed, and that consumes system resources.

Ideally, you should get in the habit of removing unnecessary system files regularly. While you are on a cleaning spree, make sure that the Macbook’s desktop is clutter-free and there are no files that might have been corrupted because of malware.

Idea #2 – Run Games in Full-Screen Mode

You may encounter some suggestions about the advantages of playing video games in window mode. The reality is quite different. If there is an opportunity to play games in full-screen, play them in full-screen.

First of all, window mode ruins the game atmosphere. There may be too many distractions from the operating system. Window mode also affects video quality. The graphics are not as crispy.

Some video games cannot handle window mode in the first place. And finally, the most important reason is the overall performance. When you play in full-screen mode, the system has to render only the game. Meanwhile, window mode means that in addition to the game itself, your desktop has to be rendered as well.

Idea #3 – Get a Cooling Pad

A cooling pad is a neat addition to your gaming setup. This accessory helps a lot when you are stuck in a poorly ventilated room and have to use the Mac, but it can also do wonders when you play video games.

You should notice that the internal fans start to make a loud noise when you launch a video game. If the noise persists and only gets louder, you need to start worrying. 

Not only is a lacklustre performance of the internal fans a problem to the performance, but it can also lead to internal hardware damages. A cooling pad is a good option to manage the issue more efficiently.

MacBook on Cooling Stand

Idea #4 – Remove Dust Inside the Mac

In addition to a cooling pad, you should also remove the dust and dirt inside the computer. It may be that the internal fans are clogged and cannot function properly. 

You may be reluctant to take the computer apart yourself. Laptops like Macbooks are different from personal computers in how they are made. So instead of taking a risk, why not get in touch with a nearby service store and ask if they can do the work for you. If they can, take the Macbook and leave it in the hands of professionals.

Idea #5 – Add New Hardware

Not all Macbook models have room for additional hardware. Nevertheless, if you have the luxury to add extra memory or replace your hard drive with a solid-state drive, do not hesitate and go for it.

New hardware is relatively cheap these days, and you can even wait for the holiday season when there are sales to spend even less money.

Hard drive exposed

Idea #6 – Close Background Applications

Make sure that nothing weird is eating up Macbook resources. It may be that Spotlight has started to index, or iCloud began to sync. 

Background applications are another issue to address. When you are playing video games, especially on a reliable platform like Steam, the chances of malware and other threats is very minimal, meaning that you can disable even the antivirus software. 

The more system resources you free up, the more of these resources the system allocates to video games, and that will improve the gaming experience.

Idea #7 – Tinker With Game Settings

Games have settings. You can tinker with shadow quality, textures, resolution, and other options to determine which variations allow you to enjoy the games without sacrificing too much of the in-game looks.

Most modern games have presets for low, medium, high, and ultra settings. You can also try switching those instead of individual properties. The bottom line is that the more setting variations you test, the higher your chances to find the most optimal setup.

MacBook on Desk

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Hopefully, this article has helped you out. And if you enjoyed this feature piece, we’ve plenty more including interviews and opinion pieces HERE.

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