iGaming technology trends to watch in 2020

by Natalia Kołkowska
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The experience of online gaming, iGaming, or online gambling has been on the rise since it first appeared, both in terms of innovations and the number of players. It’s constantly improving, using the development of technology and trying to adapt to new and ever-changing audiences.

Some people stick to the classics, while others (especially younger players) find it not enough to learn several strategies only or rely entirely on luck. The amounts of money people are willing to bet differ significantly, as well as expectations towards the form and aesthetics of the games. Game providers and user experience specialists need to take everything into account and find solutions suitable for all. There are several trends in the iGaming industry that are worth observing because it looks like they are there to stay.

iGaming embraces cryptocurrencies

Blockchain has brought multiple benefits to the online gambling (iGaming) industry, and people were quick to embrace them. More and more often, online casinos, such as Bitcasino.io, offer cryptocurrencies as a payment method. It’s beneficial for both sides of the transaction.

Big currencies, like Bitcoin, provide faster and safer transactions, as there is no need for any personal details, and people can stay anonymous; there’s also low or no commission at all. On the other hand, when customers pay in cryptocurrencies, there are no third parties involved, no control of the government, plus, everything is clear and transparent, which is better for casinos.

Cryptocurrency sitting on a laptop

Augmented reality

This is something more than regular playing, but not yet a virtual reality experience. Augmented reality has become a must-have for all online casinos, making games much more exciting, and allowing players to meet and talk to each other. It’s closer to real-life experience, as it gives people an opportunity to see other tables, watch the game without playing, and make well-thought decisions.

A virtual reality casino experience

Virtual reality is quite new to the iGaming industry, and it’s not yet so common, but it certainly is gaining popularity, especially since it has become accessible to most people; it’s not a luxury anymore. This is the perfect solution for all those players who would like to stay anonymous and safe in their own homes, but crave the real casino experience, not only gaming.

VR allows people to walk around the casino, meet other gamers, even talk to them, and then play games for real money, just like in real life. And if you only want to immerse in the experience without betting any money, it’s also possible to play free games, with no real money involved.

Mobile gaming

More and more young people seek money or entertainment in iGaming. As they are more likely to access the internet via their mobile devices, online casinos had to find new ways to adapt. Game providers focus on optimizing games for tablets and smartphones, making sure that they are as attractive, captivating and engaging as their browser counterparts.

It allows them to attract more people who wouldn’t normally even consider playing games on their computers but may use them as a way to kill time while queueing or commuting. Right now, it shows that casinos that offer mobile games are making more money than those who don’t.

iGaming on a mobile phone playing roulette

Skill-based casino games

While most older players like the feeling of putting their money on luck and the way you play the majority of classic casino games, younger people aren’t that fond of adrenaline, risks and gambling the way we know it. Most young users grew up playing video games, and they prefer to use their skills to win games and earn money.

Skill-based casino games are the answer for this new audience – they combine well-known casino gambling with video games. They offer storylines to follow, complex characters to play, and impressive graphics to admire, and all that with a chance to win real money.


Just because someone chooses to play games online doesn’t mean they don’t want any human interactions. On the contrary, games that allow people to play with or against each other instead of a computer are rising​in popularity these days.

Online casinos decide to follow the footsteps of video games providers and provide their customers with a multiplayer experience. Players can talk, but also pool together to maximize their winnings, or play against one another.

The bottom line

The popularity of iGaming is continually growing, gaining new players all over the world. Technology is still developing, and it doesn’t look like it will stop any time soon. It’s impossible to predict the future of online gambling exactly, but these are several of the many trends that have appeared lately. These ones, though, are almost sure to stay for longer, as they improve the overall experience, they are the answer to people’s needs, making everything faster, more attractive and safer.

The iGaming technology trends to watch in 2020 article was written by guest writer Natalia Kołkowska. Check out more of our featured articles by guest writers by clicking right HERE.

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