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In 2019, The Dust, a small gaming studio from Wrocław Poland, acquires the rights to create a game based on the book series by the renowned fantasy writer Jacek Piekara. A few months later, in September 2019, the studio holds a press conference, where they disclose the foundations of the project and reveal the game’s name. It is “I, the Inquisitor“.

We hear about the project again in September 2020, when we learn that the main character will be none other than the hero of the series – Inquisitor Mordimer Madderdin. Today, The Dust is showing us the first teaser and reveals the place of the game’s action – the town of Koenigstein and the mysterious NonWorld.

The darkness surrounds Koenigstein 

Since the beginning of the game’s development, the Wrocław’s studio has been providently limiting the amount of information about it, due to the long-term marketing plan for “I, the Inquisitor”. To understand how important the project is for the studio and how much they believe in its success, we have to look at The Dust’s stock reports and from there draw our conclusions.

They have signed a game trailer production contract with a world-famous Juice studio, increased the title’s budget, and enlarged their team from a few employees to a few dozens of specialists. All these actions are showing us the real progress of work The Dust did on the game. Now, we can also observe it on brand-new screenshots from “I, the Inquisitor” and the first, exciting video material.

I, the Inquisitor artwork of a village

In “I, the Inquisitor” players will take on the role of Inquisitor Mordimer Madderdin, a hero who under the guidance of the Holy Office, will be overseeing the law and order of the world. The story says, that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross, but came down from it, punished the unbelievers, and now rules the world. Mordimer Madderdin goes to the town of Koenigstein, where the entire plot of the game takes place. At the September conference, the studio revealed that they plan to focus on an in-game area, which they will be able to refine in the smallest detail.

Koenigstein is divided into five districts. Each district is unique in terms of architecture, climate, and general feeling. The inhabitants of individual districts also differ significantly from one another.  The locations architecturally reflect the era of the early Renaissance, which creates a very unique atmosphere.

Kacper Szwajka | Art Director The Dust
I, the Inquisitor artwork showing a man walking off in the distance of the village

The atmosphere straight from the pages of a novel

Thanks to the new screenshots, we can get a feeling of the game’s climate. The first thing we’ve noticed is that The Dust has put huge attention to details and the whole thing looks extremely coherent. Just take a look at the executioner’s quarters… We know that extracting information from suspects will play a very important role in the game, so the mere thought of interrogating people in this room is giving us shivers.

I, the Inquisitor artwork of a torture dungeon

Speaking of the atmosphere, here is the first short teaser from “I, the Inquisitor” by The Dust studio.  It perfectly reflects the stuffy and heavy feeling of the world that players will enter.

I, the Inquisitor – Official Teaser

The teaser sees the main character praying in the privacy of a room, with a broken cross, the symbol of the inquisitors, hanging above his head. The whole thing is dark, mysterious, and incredibly atmospheric. It also shows us several districts of Koenigstein and the NonWorld, a place where Mordimer can transfer to, to seek answers to questions related to his investigation.

The NonWorld will play an extremely important role. It is “a place that shows the true essence of things”, making it one of the most important tools for the player to use on his way to discovering the truth and solving the intrigues around him. It will often help to put certain facts together and to look for new clues. At the same time, the NonWorld is a dark, evil, and very dangerous place that Mordimer will have to face.

Damian Pawlak | Game Designer The Dust

The following months will be extremely busy for The Dust team. The studio claims that “I, the Inquisitor” will be ready in 2022. Currently, the company is focusing on the alpha version of the game and continues presenting the title to global publishers, from which it will choose its partner this year.

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