A new Hunt DLC weapons pack for PC to benefit fire relief efforts in Australia features historical fire fights of New Orleans.

Seeing the destruction caused by the fires in Australia has been devastating – and help is still needed to repair all the damage that has been done. So the Hunt: Showdown team have created a special DLC bundle, themed around New Orleans fire fighters of the 1890s, in order to raise awareness and collect money for further aid.

Until March 31st, 2020, all of the proceeds from the Fire Fight bundle will go toward supporting the efforts of Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization, Wires. After that, the items will still be available as usual.

The Fire Fight Bundle contains two new Hunt weapons – a heavy knife and a Sparks LRR – dedicated to fire fighters everywhere. The New Orleans Fire Department began in April of 1829, when a group of men organized a volunteer fire department called the Fireman’s Charitable Association. After 62 years of volunteer service, the New Orleans Fire Department became a paid fire-fighting force in 1891 – just four years before the main action of Hunt: Showdown takes place.

Hunt Bundle Details

Algiers Phoenix

Christened by the New Orleans Fire Department, the Algiers Phoenix helped several victims “rise from the ashes” when it freed them from the flames devouring the Algiers neighborhood. A heavy knife handy both in an emergency, and in the field.

Hunt: Showdown Algiers Phoenix from the Fire Fight bundle DLC
Algiers Phoenix

Fire Torn

Charred but not destroyed, this Sparks LRR is not a testament to the destructive power of fire, but to the resilience of that which withstands it. A symbol of hope for rejuvenation.

Fire Torn available in the Hunt Fire Fight bundle
Fire Torn

For more information visit the Hunt: Showdown Blog. And to check out the bundle and help support raising funds for the Australia Bushfire crisis, click HERE to find it on Steam.

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