Huawei is innovating the lifespan of its smartwatch batteries

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Huawei has unveiled the Huawei Watch 3, a fresh new smartwatch series to provide a completely different user experience than its predecessor. Additionally, to make the user’s daily life easier. Watch three and Watch 3 Pro were the two models in the Watch 3 series. These were also the first models to come with the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system pre-installed.

Health Conscious

Because influenza has made consumers more health-conscious, Huawei has included more advanced health monitoring capabilities that will undoubtedly fascinate customers. Handwashing, fall detection, and other functions are included and body temperature detection with the new high thermal sensor.

Users are likely to believe that these smartwatches require more battery due to the amount of time these functionalities are used for continuous health monitoring. On the other hand, Huawei does not want the battery capacity to become an impediment to the user experience. As a result, the Watch 3 series has an ultra-long battery life mode and an intelligent mode for long-term battery support.

Intelligent Mode

In intelligent mode, the Huawei Watch 3 can last up to three days, and in the ultra-long battery-saving form, it can last up to 14 days. The Watch 3 Pro can last up to five days in intelligent mode, and with an ultra-long battery mode, it can last up to 21 days.

Only some features will enable once you enable this option, but the mobile network, WLAN, and Assistant will deactivate because they use more power to run in the background. The instructions for enabling the Ultra-long battery life option on the Huawei Watch 3 series will be found below.

Huawei’s Watch 3 Pro

How to activate the Ultra-Long Battery Life mode:

  • To open the app list, press the watch’s up button.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • The battery should tap
  • Activate the Extra-Long Battery Life mode.

To turn off the Ultra-Long Battery Life option, follow these steps:

  • Swipe down the home screen of your watch.
  • Exit Ultra Power by tapping it.
  • To escape the ultra battery mode, follow the instructions on the net.

The first HarmonyOS watch is a significant upgrade over the Watch GT devices before it, placing Huawei in a stronger position to compete with Apple’s Watch and Google’s Wear OS wearables.

By introducing 4G connectivity, opening up to third-party developers, and adding the AppGallery and music streaming, it’s clear that the goal for the future is to provide a feature set that rivals any of its competitors.

It’s still a long way off without the same amount of third-party support (especially for music streaming) and contactless payments in Europe/the UK. Despite this, it retains the features that make the Huawei Watch so appealing.

Comprehensive Fitness Tracking

Comprehensive and affordable fitness tracking, as well as the possibility for extended battery life. All of this comes with a user-friendly and attractive interface and a large number of watch faces. Overall, it’s a fantastic smartwatch, as long as you can overlook a few minor flaws.

Huawei argues that because it tracks your whereabouts using the Chinese Beidou satellite, it can do so more accurately even in heavily populated regions where buildings may obstruct GPS signals. 

Ending Note

Huawei’s heart-rate monitor could provide it with a competitive advantage. The Huawei Watch uses artificial intelligence to determine where and how it sits on your wrist and then uses that information to clean up sensor data. This is supposed to help it give a more accurate reading, but we haven’t got the chance to test it yet. However, I must point out that it took my pulse quite swiftly.

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