How to record your gameplay on different consoles

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The gaming industry has always been one of the most creative and innovative businesses out there. With new video game releases, new hardware and software technologies, as well as increasing popularity of eSports, the gaming industry is only getting bigger. As a result, gamers are now more eager than ever to share their successes (or hilarious failures) with others through recording footage.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just like to dabble in a bit of gaming sometimes, you’ll want to know some tips and tricks on how to capture gameplay. It lets you immortalise your gaming memories, share outstanding moments with friends and family, or simply hone your skills by watching your own footage. While the process might seem daunting at first, it’s actually simple once you know how. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to capture your creative game moments on different platforms. So whether you aim to record gameplay from a console like PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC, we’ve got you covered!

How to capture gameplay on PlayStation

PlayStation has a straightforward way to capture game footage. To start recording, all you have to do is tap the “Share” button (or “Create” one if you’re capturing PS5 gameplay) on the left side of your controller while playing a game. One press will bring up the ‘Share’ menu: you can choose whether you want to save a pre-recorded video, take a screenshot or broadcast gameplay.

The first 2 options are a great way to capture unexpected victories or fails that you may have otherwise missed. PlayStation set your default recording limit to 15 minutes, but you can change it up to 30 seconds short and 1 hour long in the system settings.

Double-pressing the “Share” button will automatically start a session for capturing footage. And “camera” icon at the top of your screen will inform you that everything is set. When finished, simply press the “Share” button once more and your video will be saved to your inner storage. To access the saved footage, just head to the ‘Capture Gallery’ in your system menu. If you need to adjust some settings or change the video quality, feel free to do so in the Settings tab.

One thing to consider is that to record more than 15 minutes, you need to have an external storage device plugged into your PS. This way the limit can be extended to up to 1 hour.

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How to capture gameplay on Xbox

Want to capture some exclusive Xbox content? The recording process is just as easy as it is on PlayStation. To record game footage, specifically the last 30 seconds, press the large Xbox button in the centre and then click X to save the pre-recorded video. For more detailed recordings, access the “Capture” tab and click on “Record from now” option. The Xbox will start recording your gameplay, which lasts for a maximum of 10 minutes. You can also capture screenshots or live broadcasts: everything is in one place for maximum convenience.

To change the settings, press select the “Gaming” tab in the settings. Here, you can adjust the video quality, and length of the recording, and even enable microphone capture. Same as with the PlayStation, you’ll need an external drive if you want to record gameplay for longer than 10 minutes.

Once you’re done recording, open “My Library” and select the footage you want to keep. Quickly edit the content, name it, and upload the results to YouTube or any other video hosting platform.

Xbox One X with two controllers able to record gameplay

How to record gameplay on Nintendo Switch

Capturing funny moments in Mario Kart or The Legend of Zelda is great with Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, you can’t just start recording from the moment you press the button. The Switch allows you to grab the last 30 seconds of your game footage by pressing and holding down the “Capture” button on the left side Joy-Con. You can also take screenshots by pressing the same button.

As you are limited to 30 seconds, all you have is to manually capture every single moment you want. Nintendo may increase this limit in the future but for now, you have to make it on your own. One way is to connect your console to your PC through external hardware like an HDMI capture card. You can also upload short clips and then put them together in any video editor. For example, if you want to make a trailer video for your followers, use a video trailer maker online to quickly create a video with all the content.

All the screenshots and captured videos you’ve taken throughout your gaming sessions are saved to your system’s internal memory. To access them, open “My Album” from your console menu. You can also share them with friends or upload them to Facebook or Twitter directly from the Switch itself. Just select the files you want to share, choose the way you want to post them, and your footage will be ready to go.

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How to capture gameplay on a PC

Finally, let’s consider how to capture gameplay on PC. The first option is to use a built-in recorder. If you have an Xbox account, you can record your gameplay with the Xbox Game bar. Open the game you need to record and press the Windows key + Alt + G for the Game Bar to appear. Click the red “Record” button to start recording the session. Press it again when you’re done and your video will be saved to a special folder in your “Videos” folder.

More advanced video recording is possible with third-party software. Most popular streamers and content creators use streaming services that are perfect for capturing gameplay. They have large options for settings, and adjustable video quality for different platforms, and they often come with extra features. Many of them offer free trials, so you can find the right one for your needs.

Wrapping up

Capturing gameplay is easy on all platforms. Whether you’re playing on a console or PC, you can record your most memorable gaming moments and relive them over and over again. So get creative and start capturing your best gaming moments today!

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