Horror Adventure Re:Turn launches on PlayStation 4 Today

by Chris Camilleri
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Green Man Gaming Publishing today launches 2D adventure horror Re: Turn – One Way Trip on PlayStation 4.  Embarking on a spine-chilling journey through time, players will tackle tricky puzzles and piece together the clues to survive against an unimaginable evil. Developed by Red Ego Games, the haunting title is also available on PC & Xbox One.


A post-graduation vacation turns into a nightmare for protagonist Saki when she awakes in the middle of the night to find her friends gone. Seemingly vanished into thin-air, she is lured to an abandoned train – standing silent, as if it has been waiting for its final passengers to board.

Barriers between the past and the present start to dissolve as players delve into a complex mystery, locate the missing friends and unearth the train’s deadly secrets. Players will need to hold their nerve to solve mind-bending puzzles in-order to escape the otherworldly horrors and unravel the mystery to survive.

Set against a tension-building original soundtrack, Re: Turn – One Way Trip combines a mystery-led narrative with atmospheric environments and challenging puzzles to give players a thrilling horror-filled gaming experience in time for Halloween. 

Key Features
– Explore an intricate horror story that seamlessly shifts players between the past and present 
– Take control of 2 playable characters with totally different perspectives
– Admire the stunning pixel art whilst navigating the 2D side-scrolling environments 
– Experience an original soundtrack that consistently builds tension 
– Be immersed with the minimalist interface so focus never wavers from the action
– Solve grim and challenging puzzles to unearth deadly secrets
To stay up to date on the latest developments in this dark 2D adventure, please visit The Red Ego Games website – https://redego.net/

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