Hitman: New Elusive Target “The Drop”

by Ben Kirby
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Just when I thought new content was over for Hitman (apart from cosmetic unlocks and seasonal events), IO Interactive have yet again gone ahead and surprised us in the awesome Hitman World of Assassination.

Elusive Targets are always interesting. I was particularly into the Sean Bean crossover in Hitman 2. I tried and failed in Miami almost too often.

But, as Hitman always does. It breathes new life into the maps and the game itself. Giving you a new target a new purpose to re-visit a location and attempt something entirely new.

This is another recognisable face (I’m either too old or not into the “scene” so I haven’t heard of the chap) to many, which adds a layer that you just don’t get in other games, to be honest.

Hitman World of Assassination - The Drop

Your target is in Berlin, 47

IO Interactive just revealed new details about the upcoming Elusive Target mission featuring DJ Dimitri Vegas.

This mission briefing trailer sets the scene for the arrival of Dimitri Vegas’ character, Alexios Laskaris, to arrive in Berlin.

Featuring Dimitri Vegas’ likeness, original music and voiceover work, the upcoming mission will be available for free to all HITMAN World of Assassination players on all platforms in October 2023.

From IOI: “We’re excited to announce a brand-new Elusive Target coming to HITMAN World of Assassination featuring international superstar DJ and actor Dimitri Vegas. Featuring Dimitri Vegas’ likeness and voiceover work, the upcoming mission will be available for free to all HITMAN World of Assassination players later this year.”

Dimitri Vegas will take on the role of “The Drop” – a DJ-turned-drug impresario bent on controlling the scene one way or another.

The Drop Elusive Target was announced during a surprise interruption to Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike’s set at Tomorrowland 2023 on July 30th, the largest and most popular electronic dance music festival in the world.

I’m extremely excited to be a part of the Hitman universe,” said Dimitri. “It’s always exciting to be involved in creative projects and I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone reacts to my character when the mission launches later this year.”

Dimitri Vegas

Hitman: The Drop trailer

October, here we come!

I always always come back to Hitman. And the Elusive Targets are such a great way of adding replayability, on top of the Freelancer mode they released not too long ago. It plays great on the Steam Deck and it has some of the most memorable game maps/environments you can think of, certainly in recent memory.

I don’t know who Dimitri Vegas is, but I’ll be lining up to take him down in October.

Let’s see if I can get “The Drop” on him……

In the meantime, now Hitman has become the The World of Assassination and everything is collected from the trilogy of games, there’s no better time to get stuck in. If you’re a fan of stealth, bald men in disguises or maps that are constructed in such genius ways that each one is a microcosm. You’re in luck.

The World of Assassination games are not only the finest in the series, but they’re easily some of the best games of all time. Memorable, re-playable, interesting and fun. Chock-full of content and challenges, and still, even so far from the release of Hitman 3 getting new content and updates.

IO Interactive mastered the Hitman series, and whilst they’re working on a James Bond game now, I can’t wait to see if they have anything Agent 47-related up their sleeves in the future. Taking a good franchise that had some wobbles and making it a master class in level design and gameplay mechanics isn’t something that should be understated.

Get yourself a copy asap and get practicing. Eliminate those targets, 47.

Hitman The Drop Trailer Snippet showing Agent 47 in a nightclub

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