Hello Neighbor Gets an Animated Series

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Hello Neighbor is getting an Animated Series! This week tinyBuild is airing the Test Pilot, a 6 minute proof of concept episode that showcases the setup, the animation, and gives you an idea of what to expect. They will also go behind the scenes with the creative team.

Check out this teaser they tweeted below:

The goal is to spark interest within the community (which has 30 million fans) and to see if tinyBuild can get a distribution deal. 

Tune in on Friday, April 17th at 10am PST (Seattle/Los Angeles time) for the premiere of the test Pilot episode of Hello Neighbor Animated Series: Breaking & Entering! 

Short pilot synopsis:

A group of kids led by Nicky are breaking into their creepy Neighbor’s house to find their missing friends.

More info:

Useful quick-facts

  • The story for the animated series was written by Carly Anne West, author of four Hello Neighbor book adaptations (2M+ copies sold), with the series being produced by Jon Carnage, ex-Director of Programming at Twitch
  • Animation for the series was created by Animasia Studio, best known its work with Cartoon Network
  • tinyBuild is the first video game publisher to utilize the YouTube Community Subscription format, offering perks and bonuses for paid subscribers (the pilot episode will be available for free) 
  • An extended 20-minute version of the first episode will also be available to paid subscribers, with additional interviews and behind-the-scenes footage included. 
  • The 6-minute pilot will be used to not only bring in fans but attract interest from established studios
  • The Hello Neighbor franchise has recently hit 30M downloads, more details here
  • tinyBuild’s CEO Alex Nichiporchik, who co-created the animated series, is available for interviews & questions

For even more news, click right HERE.

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