Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown heading to Steam, iOS, and Mac App Store Thursday, October 1

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Inspired by the classic Atari Lynx title Chip’s Challenge, National Spork’s Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown is launching on Steam, iOS, and Mac App Store next Thursday, October 1!

In Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown, players must use multicolored hazmat suits for protection as they face chemical spills, walk through irradiated zones, dodge giant viruses, and battle the misguided “Cleaners” – who, on top of being seriously uncool, have also kidnapped Hanford’s pet fox for good measure. Our hero must now clean up the environment with science – solving ever more challenging puzzles in order to eventually recover his beloved pet fox.

Apart from nearly 100 main levels, Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown also features dozens of fun secrets and Easter eggs – including a secret level and a puzzle that must be solved in real life

Both fans of Chip’s Challenge and newcomers alike will find plenty to do with 40+ hours of gameplay and nerve-wracking, handcrafted puzzles from the twisted mind of developer Tod Powers.

Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown Key Features
  • Unique hazmat suit mechanic – perfectly suited to puzzle-solving.
  • 40+ hours of gameplay and 96 complex levels.
  • Multiple endings to uncover.
  • Challenging puzzles that build on each other.
  • Main levels and secrets that can be completed out of order.
  • Dozens of secrets and Easter eggs – including a real life puzzle (!)

Hazmat Hijinks: Total Meltdown will be released on Steam, App Store, and Mac App Store next Thursday, October 1 for $1.99 (App Store) and $9.99 (Steam and Mac App Store).

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