GTA Online’s biggest update yet – what you need to know

by Chris Camilleri
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GTA V is one of the games which redefine a generation. Funnily enough, GTA V redefines three generations of consoles, as the game has made it to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and now PS5 and Xbox Series X. There is a meme going around about how the PlayStation 2 had three GTA’s namely Vice City, San Andreas and Liberty City, while GTA V had three Playstations. It is a funny concept but it is also true, showing how high Rockstar regard their best-selling franchise.

In a few days, the latest content drop for GTA V will go live, adding the expected Cayo Perico Heist to the GTA Online portion of the game. This will be the first heist since the Diamond Casino Heist content update back in December of last year, so fans will be very excited for what’s coming next. The Diamond Casino and Resort DLC was one of the most revolutionary content drops for the game and had people buzzing about. The way the casino feels is so lifelike it almost brings the urge of checking out betting websites in real life and try your luck at a big win. There are some websites which give a new online casino bonus which is triggered once certain conditions are met, making a case for both you and your potentially new gambling server to get a profitable situation. Gambling in GTA is pretty much the same as in real life, where you can run the risk of emptying all your reserves in the stubborn attempt at earning some serious dough.


The new update will not feature a casino but will definitely feature the risk of going big or going home, as Rockstar are teasing this to be the biggest content drop for the game. It will be the first map expansion the game has ever received, and people are speculating a lot about the whereabouts of this new, exotic location being added to GTA Online. First things first, the official launch date of the DLC is 15th of December, giving players enough of a heads-up to finish the tasks at hand to fully devote themselves to going ham on Cayo Perico.

The new location seems to be only accessible during heists unfortunately, so free roaming will not be permitted, or at least that is what is being circulated from the hints people are taking from Rockstar’s teaser trailer. If that does not turn out to be the case, it will be even more of an opportunity to take in the sights at the new spot that GTA Online will have, an opportunity for the most active players to set their eyes on something which is not Los Santos finally.

There will be a lot of new items in game apart from the new heist and map location, including vehicles. One of these is apparently a Giant Submarine HQ from where you will be able to take the submarine to travel, perhaps to this new island dropping on the 15th. One will only be sure when the content drops, but the idea of travelling in a submarine is genuinely fascinating. There will also be land vehicles of course, as well as a new arsenal of weapons to wreak havoc with. There’s also going to be new night club addition in the form of DJs as well as new radio stations with tens of new songs. Rockstar are definitely teasing this the right way, and any player of GTA Online will be having their hands full come mid-December!

The Grand Theft Auto series has characterised Rockstar franchises for over two decades now, with plenty more still to come in the future we’re sure. For now, there’s GTA Online to bask in, but there’s potential space for a sixth main instalment of the franchise to be announced soon, given they are putting so much effort on this upcoming update at the end of this year. How long will we be waiting for 6?

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