Glyph leaps from Nintendo Switch to PC this summer

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A hidden indie gem on Nintendo Switch, Glyph, is launching on the world’s largest gaming platform – Steam! Glyph is ready to appear in front of PC gamers with a hefty dose of addictive gameplay, puzzle-solving, and captivating music. Reviewers and players have so far praised the game for its originality, controls, musical theme, size, and more.

It’s insane

The game is a versatile platformer with tight, precise controls. It takes place in desert landscapes, where you, playing as a sphere-shaped scarab, zips about on a mission to restore a fallen civilization buried underneath the deadly sands.

Players are, among other titles, reminded of Super Monkey Ball (gameplay) and Journey (scenery and music). It seems contradictory, for sure, but once the ball is rolling, it plays like no other platformer.

Nintendo Life describes the game as “Stupidly, stupidly good,” and Girl Gamers UK says it “needs to be in everyone’s library.” Commenters on youtube, twitter, and discord say things such as: “Glyph is so freaking good, it’s insane nobody talks about it!”

And Glyph is a pretty solid 3D platformer with smooth control over the main character, a unique musical landscape, and scenery with wide-open spaces full of options.

Glyph gameplay
Glyph is full of options and exploration, precise controls, and an original soundtrack.

Refined to perfection

Glyph is thoroughly tested on the Nintendo Switch, the central hub for all new and classic 3d platforming games. With reviewers consistently giving top marks, such as 8/10 from Nintendo Life and 9/10 from Girl Gamers UK, Glyph has situated itself as a contender within its field. 

After the Nintendo launch in January, an update, a few patches, and careful refinement, it now emerges from the desert dunes as an even more robust product.

The game will soon be making its way to Steam for a new audience to enjoy.

About Glyph

Glyph’s gripping and addictive gameplay combines breathtaking aerial manoeuvres with tranquil exploration in a 3D platforming experience that has no peers.

  • 80+ levels in Exploration mode mean you’ll have to put serious effort into the game before you’ve seen it all.
  • 30 blazing hot levels put your skills to the test in Time Trial mode.
  • 100+ secrets and upgrades are all part of the game from the beginning. With Glyph, you won’t have to pay for extra skins or cool unlocks.
  • A wicked mean final boss…

The game appeals to both chill-out players and speedrunners as the open-world allows creative ways to move through the many levels available with the release.

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