Get Your Troll on With Dark Fantasy Rogue-lite RPG Arboria

by MaddOx
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On May 7th, Arboria — developed by Dreamplant Studio and published by All in! Games — is going into Early Access on Steam.

Do you like the idea of sending an unlimited amount of trolls to their deaths and exploring procedurally generated dungeons? How about a fairy sidekick that instead of shouting “listen!!” tears off your troll’s head and sticks it in a planter so you can grow yourself a new one?

In Arboria you play as an organically grown Yotun warrior, tasked to venture down through “The Hole” into Durnar, an ever-changing world full of both valuable resources and danger. Fight enemies in real-time dynamic combat and die…a lot. Do you have what it takes to heal the Father Tree and restore the power of your tribe? Only one way to find out!

Here’s what you can expect from the first Early Access version:

  • Demanding 3rd person rogue-lite combat
  • Mutating your arms into unique devastating weapons
  • One setting (four levels)⁠—other settings and bosses will be added throughout Early Access
  • Monthly patches and updates

For a glimpse of the combat, check out the trailer below:

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