Sanguivore: Twenty Below launches on Steam & EPIC Early Access December 2023

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Forthright Games and Blood Eater Games are thrilled to announce that their chilling cooperative horror experience, Sanguivore: Twenty Below, is set to make its spine-tingling debut on Steam’s Early Access come December 1st, 2023.

A bone-chilling adventure awaits

Venture into the eerie realm of Sanguivore: Twenty Below. In this nightmarish world, players are relentlessly pursued by grotesque monstrosities hungry for human flesh. Your survival hinges on quick thinking, puzzle-solving skills, and the unity of your team. Do you have what it takes, or will you become the next feast for these beasts?

Players find themselves trapped in a progressively challenging ‘puzzle complex’, starting from an escape room and expanding to the size of an entire town. To find your way out, tackle perplexing puzzles, collect essential tools, and dodge the harrowing clutches of the Sanguivore.

Sanguivore: Twenty Below outdoor area covered in snow

Whether you’re braving the horrors alone or collaborating with up to four friends, trust and teamwork are crucial. If one player is captured by the Sanguivore, the team must rally together to rescue them. Your quest for freedom takes you through four unique zones, each posing distinct challenges but presenting four potential escape paths.

Ryan Waller of Forthright Entertainment shared his enthusiasm:

Teaming up with Blood Eater Games for this exhilarating horror co-op project has been fantastic. Merging the concept of an ‘Escape Room’ with an ‘Escape Town’, players must use stealth and teamwork to avoid being hunted down. Our playtesting sessions have been wildly entertaining, and we’re confident horror co-op fans will relish this game as we continue refining it for the 2024 full release.

Sanguivore: Twenty Below - Fire surrounding the environment

Sanguivore: Twenty Below key features

  • Versatile Solutions: Each stage offers various escape routes and solutions, urging players to innovate and try diverse strategies.
  • Skill Progression: Completing levels rewards players with ‘shards’ and experience, which can be used to access unique survivor skills, perks, and cosmetics to aid in battles against the Sanguivore.
  • Collectable Challenges: Discover cards scattered across maps that bring added challenges in subsequent gameplay sessions, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
  • Teamwork is Key: Collaborate with friends to ensure everyone makes it out in time. Every member’s survival is vital.
  • The Bloodthirsty Sanguivore: Derived from “blood eater”, Sanguivore represents various carnivorous monsters. The game initially introduces Vampires, but more blood-lusting adversaries are planned for future maps.
Sanguivore: Twenty Below - People taking shelter in a building

About the masterminds

Forthright Entertainment, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a boutique publisher, focusing on positioning talented game studios for global success with their all-inclusive publishing services.

Blood Eater Games Studio comprises a tight-knit team with significant experience in the Unreal Engine, a 3D modeller, and a 3D animator. They’re committed to delivering fun, simple horror games at accessible prices across platforms.

Sanguivore: Twenty Below – Early Access Trailer

Prepare to be immersed in a heart-pounding, cooperative horror adventure that tests your wit and camaraderie. Sanguivore: Twenty Below promises to be a game that horror enthusiasts won’t soon forget! Join the experience this December.

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