Genesis Selen 400 – Full freedom on the battlefield

by Chris Camilleri
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The Selen 400 is the latest wireless gaming headset from Genesis. It features long battery life, as well as premium-level sound and material quality.

Genesis Selen 400 is a wireless gaming headset. It works with PC as well as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 consoles. The device communicates with the use of a USB receiver and the manufacturer states that it can work continuously for 15 hours. Users will feel comfortable during long gaming sessions thanks to earmuffs covered with leather of premium quality.


The muffs connected to an aluminum arch are equipped with 50 mm transducers. These function in stereo mode and guarantee sound quality that gamers require. The left earmuff includes a controller for volume and microphone muting. The microphone itself is placed on a flexible arm so that users can conveniently adapt to their taste.

The gaming Genesis Selen 400 is available for purchase. They cost 79€ / 89$ per headset.

Technical specification:

  • model: Selen 400
  • headset type: overhead, earmuffs
  • transducers: 50 mm, dynamic
  • frequency: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • impedance: 32 Ohms
  • dynamics: 108 dB
  • sensitivity: omnidirectional, -48 dB
  • connectivity: wireless communication, up to 10m (USB receiver)
  • compatibility: PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

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