Genesis Seaborg 400 – Full control in your hands

by Chris Camilleri
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The Genesis Seaborg 400 is a racing wheel that gives full control of the car. It boasts 270/900 degree rotation scope, programmable buttons and three wheel sensitivity modes. The set is completed with gear shift wings and metal pedals, which guarantee a feeling of durability.

The Genesis Seaborg 400 is a device intented for more demanding players. It includes a 10-inch wheel frame with steering buttons. There are 15 of them, with most programmable. Behind the leather-covered rim you will find the gear shift wings, similar to those found in sports cars. The device’s rotation scope is 270 / 900 degress, and the user can configure it within that range. There are three sensitivity modes.


A double vibration module guarantees realistic experiences and proper feedback. The wheel is equipped with suction cups and a double mount and is accompanied​ by a set of pedals. In the case of Genesis Seaborg 400 they are made of metal, which enhances the feeling of realism as well as boosts their durability. For ease of use, the body of the device is equipped with a 3.5-mm audio mini-jack.

The Genesis Seaborg 400 connects with other devices with a two-meter cable. The list of compatible platforms includes both computers and consoles: Sony PlayStation 3 and 4, Microsoft Xbox One and 360, as well as Nintendo Switch. Interested gamers would have to pay around 139 EUR / 159USD .

The new Genesis device will be available at the stores in the coming days.

Technical specification:

  • total number of buttons: 15, including: o 10 action buttons; o 8-way DPAD;
  • gear shift: wings behind the wheel
  • pedals: acceleration and brakes, metal
  • vibrations: yes, double
  • output interface: x-input, d-input
  • communication: 2 m USB cable
  • audio: mini-jack 3.5 mm
  • system requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Feel free to browse Genesis’s website.

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