Genesis Helium 100BT – wireless colours

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Genesis Helium 100BT are compact stereo speakers. The manufacturer focused on combining modern design and technology. RGB illumination glows through open-work masking. When it comes to connectivity, you can connect with the device either wirelessly or with a cable.

Genesis Helium 100BT

Genesis Helium 100BT are computer speakers, which divert from design patterns the manufacturer is known for. These compact speakers are equipped with LED illumination. RGB rings encircle the speaker membranes so users can express themselves better and create a unique gaming station. The illumination should be clearly visible through perforated masking.

You can also see the venting opening, which is part of the Bass Reflex system. So you can be sure that the compact size comes equipped with lower tones. The manufacturer says that the Genesis Helium 100BT provide high-quality sound. The sound source can be connected with a mini-jack 3.5 or through Bluetooth 5.0 interface. One of the fronts includes an in-built control panel. It allows users to switch the device off and on, control volume, change the illumination mode, also including ​an additional speaker port. And how much does this set cost? Genesis Helium 100BT cost around €34.

Genesis Helium 100BT Technical specification:
  • RMS: 10 W (2 x 5 W)
  • frequency: 120 Hz – 20 kHz
  • communication: wired (mini-jack 3.5 mm), wireless communication (Bluetooth 5.0)
  • audio: power (USB), sound (mini-jack 3.5 mm)
  • size: 200 x 85 x 105 mm
  • cord length:
    • between speakers: 150 cm
    • power: 150 cm

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