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If you’ve ever heard gaming enthusiasts talk, you’ve probably noticed they use gaming slang as a second language. In addition, they often forget not everyone understands it. Whether you just got into gaming or you’ve never paid attention to the slang, learning the slang can come in handy. The problem is that there are so many terms and acronyms you might find that memorizing all of them can be tough. With that said, here’s a glossary of terms and acronyms every gamer will find useful.

General Gaming Terms

There are some gaming terms you’ll stumble upon even if you’re just a casual player. There are some terms and acronyms that get so much use that not knowing them can hurt your score. The one you’ve probably already seen is “MMORPG“. This stands for Massive-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game and covers popular releases such as World of Warcraft (WOW) and New World.

Another term you can find playing this game is “Boss“. No, we’re not talking about your boss at work, we’re talking about the ultimate bad guy of the dungeon or the entire game. Defeating the boss usually reaps great rewards. But before you fight the final boss, you have to “Farm“.

Farming in video games usually refers to gathering in-game money, supplies, or experience before you advance in the game. If you farm a lot and spend an insane amount of time playing the game, some would say you’re “Grinding“. That’s good because your character or account will increase its power.

Legendary Acronyms

If there’s one thing for sure, it’s that gamers use a lot of acronyms when playing. Who has the time to type the whole word or sentence when they’re in the middle of a quest, right? One of the legendary acronyms you probably already know about is “AFK“. An “AFK” player is “Away From Keyboard” and the game may even log them out automatically if they don’t move for a certain amount of time.​

League of Legends (LoL) and Dota 2 players often use the famous “GLHF” before the match starts. It stands for “Good Luck Have Fun” and we can guarantee you that no player will ever type the whole thing while waiting for minions to spawn.

Oh, and if you’re one of the MMORPG games like the ones we covered earlier, you’ll probably see people type the term “MOB“. “MOB” means “Monster or Beast” and it usually refers to a creature you need to defeat before advancing in the game.

Arcade with kids playing on machines possibly taking on a Boss, one of the acronyms in our glossary

Online Casino Terms and Acronyms

More and more people are spinning slots and playing poker on the web. Online casino games are constantly gaining popularity and they come with terms and acronyms of their own. When signing up on an online casino website, you’ll probably get a “Bonus“. It may be self-explanatory but the bonus is additional money you get.

Bonus Bet“, on the other hand, refers to a side bet you can make in a certain game. If you see the “RNG” acronym in an online casino, remember that it refers to a “Random Number Generator“. That’s what casinos use to make all their games as fair as possible.

If you stumble upon a “High Roller, know you’re in for a tough game. This term usually depicts an experienced player who’s not afraid to take risks. Last but not least, there’s “WR” and it stands for “Wagering Requirement” players need in certain games.

Online Rambles

Playing games with other people on the web is fun. However, it’s not uncommon for gamers to start fighting and yelling at each other even though they’re communicating only through the in-game chat. That’s where you can find plenty of terms and acronyms you’ve never heard.

For example, if you’re new to a game and you don’t know what you’re doing, other players will call you a “NOOB“. Even veteran players who are just having a bad day are often called “NOOBs“. When other players get mad at you, they might just type “Grrr” to depict their sheer anger.

You might also get to see “Campers. Do you know what they are? Those are players who rarely move in the game and all they do is wait for​ other players to come to them. If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) or Call of Duty (CoD), you’ll see players use this term quite often.

Red PS4 Controller

Over to You!

There’s nothing wrong with being a NOOB when it comes to gaming slang. Terms and acronyms like GLHF or Camping may confuse you at first, but you’ll learn over time. Not only this, but you’ll see thousands of new words the majority of gamers don’t know about.

Just memorize the ones we covered enough and you’ll know enough to start playing. As you get hooked to new games, you’ll dive even deeper into this newfound world of gaming slang. You might even come up with a few acronyms of your own to use with your teammates.

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