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Winter is coming, graveyard keepers! The historically inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim Graveyard Keeper has a third DLC – Game of Crone, released on Steam NOW! 

In this expanded adventure, players will have 6-12 hours of extra gameplay, new achievements, storylines and bag mechanics to spice up the journey and testify if they are professional in the business. Another spooky season comes and the escaped prisoners of the Inquisition needs help to survive in the wilderness!

Watch the Game of Crone launch trailer below:

Facts about the new DLC – Game of Crone:

  • You can pass the DLC both from the beginning and after the whole game.
  • If you already passed the game, this DLC will take from 3 to 10 extra hours to complete, depending on your level of progress.
  • New achievements!!!
  • Fixes to the main game will be live along with the new DLC.
  • The price will be the same as the previous DLC.
  • New music will appear in the DLC, plus it will be added to the DLC with soundtracks for free.

Main Content in Game of Crone:

  • Build your own refugee camp and bring it to prosperity
  • Brand new bag mechanics
  • Get access to new dishes, gravestones, fences, and to teleportation scrolls
  • Deal with a vampire terrorizing a peaceful Village
  • Unravel the secret of the mysterious death of your predecessor
  • Find out even more terrible secrets of your old and new friends
  • Become an ally of Comrade Donkey and take part in the Revolution

About Graveyard Keeper:

In Graveyard Keeper, you build and manage a historically inaccurate medieval cemetery while making questionable ethical choices. Featuring witch-burning festivals, organ harvesting, and organic foods. 

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