Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator announced for PC and NS

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Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator is a new tactical strategy game with roguelike elements on PC and Nintendo Switch. The creators promise dynamic and unique gameplay and the goal is to lead the valiant Gauls against the power of ancient Rome. According to Gaming Factory S.A., Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator will make its debut on PC on October 16 this year. Later the game will also be on Nintendo Switch.

The independent Polish studio MadGamesmith is working on Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator. The developer previously created two parts of the Bouncy Bob platformer, among other things. The publisher is Gaming Factory S.A., which in its publishing plan has, for example, a comic shooter Chains of Fury and a hellish tycoon Hotel Afterlife.

The new title is a tactical strategy game with roguelike elements to stand out from the unique gameplay approach. The player will play the commander of valiant Gauls, and his task will be to conquer Rome. The creators indicate that in Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator you can count on fast gameplay, crazy ragdoll physics, stylish graphics and a high level of difficulty.

This is a project combining a light audiovisual setting and a relatively high level of difficulty. In graphic terms, the title refers to the unique style of Albert Uderzo, known for his iconic Astérix comic books series. In terms of the gameplay itself, I am convinced that Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator will appeal to fans of non-standard tactical challenges, but also to those who like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator.

Game’s originator and creator, Andrzej Noworol.

As Andrzej Noworol explains, the gameplay will focus on proper placement of units, planning actions, observing clashes and using spells during​ battles. Players will be offered a variety of units with swords, spears or bows, and during the game, it will also be possible to set traps, use catapults and cast various spells.

The game that MadGamesmith is working on will bring a number of interesting and unique solutions to its strategy. We are planning the premiere of Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator for mid-October and we are also preparing a version for Nintendo Switch. Perhaps, later on, there will also be conversions for other platforms.

CEO of Gaming Factory S.A., Mateusz Adamkiewicz.
Gallic Wars Battle Simulator gameplay battle

Gallic Wars: Battle Simulator – main features:

  • A tactical strategy game with roguelike elements;
  • Gauls and Romans;
  • A unique gameplay model;
  • Graphics inspired by Astérix comic books;
  • Diverse units, spells and destruction tools;
  • Ragdoll physics;

A high level of difficulty. Gaming Factory S.A. says that the game will be released on PC (Steam) on October 16, 2020, and later it will be released on Nintendo Switch.

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