Full Release Of Space Simulator Interstellar Rift!

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After five years of Early Access, publisher Iceberg Interactive and developers Split Polygon are ecstatic to launch Interstellar Rift in full on Steam!

Interstellar Rift Trailer:

The multiplayer build-your-own-spaceship simulator will receive a massive update today, introducing new enemies to fight, new resources to gather and new mechanics to master – such as the dynamic fire and radiation systems.

Interstellar Rift arrives on Windows PC today for $19.99 – plus a limited launch week discount of 20%!

To celebrate the launch, from September 25th Split Polygon and Iceberg Interactive will be running an in-game SHIP DESIGN CONTEST for the grand prize of a brand-new Alienware Gaming PC, alongside an assortment of out of this world swag for 9 runners up! Rules for entry will be announced tomorrow on the game’s Steam store page.

Interstellar Rift is an open world starship simulator with an emphasis on ship construction and multiplayer interaction. Space is vast and deadly, survive the hostile galaxy by inviting other players to join your crew. Or challenge rival fleets and fight your way across the galaxy! 

Prepare to make these custom built spaceships your home. Use the ship editor to design a ship to your liking, from small exploratory vessels to large cargo haulers, or even enormous battleships. If you’d rather get going immediately you can always browse the workshop for ships that other players made or you can upload your own blueprints. 

Key Features: 

  • Build your own spaceship with a versatile and powerful ship editor. 
  • Engage in challenging combat with other players against a hostile alien race.
  • Trade and mine for resources across various solar systems.
  • Make strategic alliances with various factions in space.
  • Explore and survive a vast, yet dangerous universe together with your crew. 

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