Frostpunk: The Board Game Kickstarter Reaches 1000% Funding!

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As the Frostpunk: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign approaches its October 29th deadline, a symbolic funding milestone has been met! This physical adaptation of the best-selling survival city-builder has raised €2,000,000 from more than 15,000 backers (approximately $2,300,000 USD) so far, which means it has reached 1000% funding! The initial goal of €200,000 was reached in just 54 minutes after the campaign launched and it has been steadily climbing ever since.

Backers of Frostpunk: The Board Game will receive all elements developed for the campaign as well as all of the stretch goal rewards and additions that have been met, including the new buildings, map settings, scenarios for expanding replayability, and the revolutionary companion app that allows for shared sessions between distant players.

The final milestone awaits: the city Captain’s figurine! If the Kickstarter campaign reaches €2,115,000 funding, the miniatures expansion will include this powerful leader.

The Frostpunk: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign will end on Wednesday, October 28th at 7 PM PT / 10 PM ET / 3 AM CET (Oct 29th)

Frostpunk The Board Game 1000% Kickstarter Newspaper Headline

Frostpunk: The Board Game key features:

  • Different player roles ease the learning curve which allows newcomers to enjoy the game.
  • Innovative heating and generator cube tower mechanics with a custom-designed system of cube-catching and risk management. 
  • A worker-placement mechanic where meeples get sick and hungry and have ethics and social demands! 
  • Narrative-driven Dusk card mechanics steer the society using Law and Technology and bear the consequences of in-game decisions.
  • A fascinating mix of snow-apocalypse and steampunk worlds to be discovered through expeditions deep into the Frostland.
  • A companion app that allows for cooperative play between distant players.

Find out more at:

  • Frostpunk: Board Game official site
  • Glass Cannon Unplugged Facebook
  • Glass Cannon Unplugged Twitter
  • Official Trailer

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